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Who we are


Community Driven


Backbone Labs is a BlockChain DEFI/NFT Technology Group dedicated to community driven DEFI tools and NFT utility/innovation. Born of the Terra crash and incubated in the Skeleton Punk community we have learned how to empower our web3 journey.

Key Alliances


We signed some powerful alliances with the main validators of the Terra blockchain, which gaves us different revenue stream that will be split among holders. Our main alliances include validators such as, Orbital Command, Capapult, 0xGidorah, Hermes Protocol, PFC

What we do


Grave Digger


The SP GraveDigger will be the Liquid Staking Product of BackBone Labs. It will have its own platform. Its liquid staking derivative (LSD) will be $boneLUNA.

When you deposit $LUNA into The SP GraveDigger you will receive $boneLUNA in return. The GraveDigger buries the $LUNA with our Skeleton Punk Alliance partners (whitelisted Validators) and auto-compounds the daily rewards for you.

In other words, the $boneLUNA is a kind of receipt with which you can reclaim your deposited $LUNA at any time AND you can auto-compound your rewards from staking your $LUNA on a daily basis. This is a win-win-situation.

Earning Mechanism


We are currently working on a sophisticated way on how to distribute the earnings from this platform among the Skeleton Punk holders.

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