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Backbone Labs is a BlockChain DEFI/NFT Technology Group dedicated to community driven DEFI tools and NFT utility/innovation. Born of the Terra crash and incubated in the Skeleton Punks community we have learned how to empower our web3 journey.

What we do



Liquid Staking


The SP GraveDigger is the Liquid Staking product of Backbone Labs.
Its liquid staking derivative (LSD) is be boneLUNA ($bLUNA).
When you deposit $LUNA into The SP GraveDigger you will receive boneLUNA in return. The GraveDigger buries the LUNA with our Skeleton Punk Alliance partners (whitelisted Validators) and auto-compounds the daily rewards for you. In other words, the boneLUNA is a kind of receipt with which you can reclaim your deposited LUNA at any time AND you can auto-compound your rewards from staking your LUNA on a daily basis. This is a win-win-situation.


Skeleton Punks

When death came for them all on Terra 1.0, they rose from their graves and realized that, death, was only the beginning.
The Skeleton Punks are an army of reborned beings who has been given a second chance to protect the TerraVerse from any further death loop or institution who dare threaten it. Whilst there are no threats present, the Skeleton Punks have gone undercover and formed a society, patiently staking for rewards to increase their wealth.
Skeleton Punks are 5064 unique NFTs based on the Terra 2.0 Blockchain to populate the entire cryptoverse from there over time. Each features exclusive traits comprised of items and elements, some of which are significantly limited compared to others.
☠ You can't kill what is already dead! ☠

A real dedication

The Facts

Deposit Fees
Performance fees given back to the LP
Performance fees given back to SP holders
Withdrawal Fees

Validator / NFT Broker

This system is dependent on the buyer and seller brokering a deal outside of our dApp. This usually happens on Discord (NFTSwitch Discord), Twitter, or Telegram.
In this example, both Alice and Jack pay a 1.5% fee on the sale price. It is listed for 100 LUNA and Alice will receive 98.5 LUNA on the execution of the sale and Jack will pay 101.5 LUNA when he buys. The NFT is then transferred out of Alice's account and sent to Jack's.


Gidorah is a multi strategy web3 syndicate that wants to allocate capital to products that provide novel utility and align to the web3 ethos; transparent, permissionless, trustless, and open source.
They manage deal flow, due diligence, and transactions on behalf of our syndicate members. Their team continuously presents deals to the members who then decide to invest in the opportunities on offer.


Orbital Command is a premier, community-focused validator dedicated to educating and supporting those communities we belong to.
Everything they do centers around empowering individuals with knowledge and resources so that together, they can solve collective-action problems at-scale.


SOLID aims to become an over-collateralized and fully decentralized soft-pegged stablecoin on Terra. SOLID can be easily generated by depositing interest-earning collateral assets (like LunaX, ...) on Capapult.
The interest will be used to buy SOLID tokens on the market and redistribute them to CAPA stakers. CAPA is the governance token of Capapult and by using the governance poll stakers will decide the future for CAPAPULT


PFC has always been about doing what is right for the average person, and doing what’s right for the chain. It’s why they got into running validators in the first place, and why they can be very vocal in their positions.
They currently operate around 30 different validators for themselves and others on various Cosmos chains. Their team includes industry veterans who have run large scale internet operations including brand names like AOL & Microsoft.


Hermes Protocol is an infinitely scalable communication & notifications platform that will allow you to configure any on-chain alerts delivered on social media. Sleep well knowing that you will be alerted when something of interest is happening.

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