The Crypt

The Crypt is an NFT (non-fungible token) staking product offered by BackBone Labs. NFT staking allows NFT holders to earn rewards on their assets without sacrificing ownership. The Crypt is designed to provide a platform for NFT holders to earn rewards for holding onto their NFTs over time. The product provides a unique opportunity for NFT holders to earn a return on their investment while still maintaining control of their assets. With NFT staking, NFT holders can participate in the growth of the NFT market and benefit from the increase in value of their assets over time.

NFT staking is a mechanism that allows NFT (non-fungible token) holders to earn rewards by locking their NFTs on a platform for a set period of time: by staking NFTs, holders demonstrate a long-term commitment to their NFTs, which can help to increase the perceived value and scarcity of their assets. This, in turn, can result in increased demand and higher prices for the NFTs still in circulation. This is because NFT staking helps to reduce the supply of NFTs available for sale, which can drive up prices in the NFT market. Additionally, NFT stakers can participate in the revenue sharing mechanism from the GraveDigger.